On dating and #NotAllMen

This is a story about the last date I went on.This is a story about dating and drinking and butterflies.This is a story about #NotAllMen.This, dear friends, is a triggering story. Once upon a time I met J…let’s call him Alpheus. I met Alpheus online. When I say INSTANT CONNECTION!!! We spoke endlessly for hours,Continue reading “On dating and #NotAllMen”

A letter to me – my journey through medicine

To survive repeating final year, I knew I had to be kind to myself. I could not afford to beat myself up and be self-hating in 2018. I had to tell myself that I was capable, that I could move any mountain I set my eyes on. So, I wrote myself letters. Letters of admirationContinue reading “A letter to me – my journey through medicine”